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  • B50F




    Besturn-the ultimate performance luxury sedan-comes into being through FAW’s more than 50 years of advanced automobile experience, carrying forward the philosophy of combining cutting-edge engineering with uncompromising quality. The technically innovative Besturn features world class design and technology, delivering exhilarating driving performance, bold and enduring styling, advanced active and passive safety features, and extraordinary fit and finish.

  • J6 4X2


    J6 4X2


    Representing FAW’s 50 plus years of truck manufacturing experience, our J6P range of on-highway and vocational trucks incorporates the high levels of innovation, reliability, comfort and driveability that have made FAW an established name in the heavy truck industry for productive and cost effective operation. Offering world class comfort and styling combined with advanced fuel-efficient high horsepower engines, the J6P takes heavy truck engineering to a new level, providing optimum productivity at the lowest possible operating cost.